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FireFilter is a small FireFox extension that efficiently blocks content (advertisements, pop-ups, pornography, etc.) from being downloaded and displayed in your browser. FireFilter blocks content based on rules that you or others create. These rules are called "Content Filters" and can be as simple as single text words or as complex as Regular Expressions. Content Filters are stored in the same way FireFox stores your Bookmarks, History, and Downloads - as a RDF Datastore. This method of storage is vastly superior to a simple text file in speed and capability.


  1. Significantly decrease Web page loading time by eliminating unnecessary Ads, images, etc.
  2. Stores your "Content Filters" in a RDF Datastore for rapid comparison to content
  3. The Content Filter Datastore maintains high efficiency by:
    1. Sorting filters by frequency of use
    2. Rejecting duplicate filters and eliminating filters that are "functional duplicates"
    3. Deleting filters that are not used within a specified period
    4. Reducing multiple filters into a single filter that performs the identical task
  4. Use subscriptions written for Ad Block Plus
  5. Import Ad Block Plus settings


(Not available at this time)